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BGPharmA in defence of Bulgarian patients

28 March 2014

As a member of BHPharmA, Sopharma took part in a press conference of the Association on 27.03. on „What are the major threats to access to medicines of patients in Bulgaria ”, in connection with the proposed changes in the Health Insurance Act (HIA). These changes refer to the business of pharmaceutical manufacturers and would lead to its hindrance, even to delisting of some medicines on our market.

The Association expressed their worry that the changes proposed will have a negative effect on pharmaceutical industry in this country, which is structure defining for the national economy. These changes were not consulted with the industry and could cause tension in the Bulgarian healthcare system.

The case in point is administrative regulation in prices through discounts on medicinal products; transformation of the National Council on Pricing and Reimbursement into a Commission composed of representatives of institutions and organizations in the field of healthcare, and significant increase in fees paid by pharmaceutical manufacturers. The planned increase in some fees reaches 400%, which contradicts the continuously expressed intention of the government to make business conditions easier and to create a favourable environment for business.

If new taxes become effective, they will result in non-market increase in prices of a number of generic medicines, which will ultimately affect patients. This should not be allowed as generic medicines ensure stability of the healthcare system. Thanks to generic medicines the average price per day treatment in the recent 5 years has decreased by 23%, while the access to treatment has increased by 80% for 7 major therapeutic groups.

Participants in the Press Conference were the President of BGPharmA, Mr. Nikolay Hadzhidonchev, and the members of the Managing Board of the Association, Mr. Vladimir Afenliev and Dr. Valentin Dimitrov.