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The European Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (EGA) has now become 'Medicines for Europe'

23 March 2016

"Medicines for Europe" is the new name of the European Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (EGA). As a representative of pharmaceutical companies supplying the largest share of medicines in Europe, "Medicines for Europe" is the voice of today’s industries engaged in the production of generic, biosimilar and added value medicines in Europe and a leading partner providing better healthcare and wider access for all European patients. EGA, a member of which is the Bulgarian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (BGPharmA), is now named "Medicines for Europe. Better access. Better health". Generic drugs have become the cornerstone of the European health care sector and biosimilar medicines are seeing a rapid development. Indeed, the necessity for and the ability to supply added value drugs will continue to change healthcare systems. The generic, biosimilar and added value drugs sector provides most of the drugs dispensed by prescription in Europe and their percentage is expected to increase from the current 56% to over 75% during the next five years due to the fact that European demand for high-quality medicines has never been greater. The repositioning of EGA as "Medicines for Europe" is aimed at achieving greater healthcare efficiency through better medical results providing, at the same time, solutions for sustainable European healthcare systems which now face the challenge of an ever-growing demographic demand for healthcare services. “Medicines for Europe. Better access. Better health reflects the purpose and strategic objectives of our industries”, says the President of "Medicines for Europe" Jacek Glinka. "As an organization, we've come a long way in responding to the changes that have taken place in the pharmaceutical industry and the European healthcare system in general. I will invite all stakeholders and policy makers to make a commitment and together with us to help provide access for all European patients to high quality medicines”. According to Adrian van den Hoeven, the General director of the organization, "Medicines for Europe is a great opportunity to build on the already established reputation of EGA for partnership with the stakeholders and institutions in order to ensure access to high quality medicines for the patients, more commitment to the highest quality levels and to ensuring an even greater value to the benefit of society together with the building of a link between healthcare sustainability and a competitive environment for the pharmaceutical industry".