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Ognian Donev: Tenders for specified quantities will reduce the price of the medicines paid by the Health Fund

30 September 2015

The export of medicines is not subject to international sanctions The medicines in Bulgaria are among the most expensive in Europe because of the absence of different VAT with respect to the other goods and services. The dispute with the state is long-lasting but no indications of any change in the tax rate can be expected for the present.This is the comment of Ognian Donev, Executive Director of Sopharma, in the TV talk show "The Day on Air" with Veselin Dremdzhiev. This concerns VAT reduction in particular and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, irrespective of the manufacturer, since for Bulgaria the share we pay from our pockets is larger than the share of European consumers. The lack of pharmacies in small settlements is a problem that could be solved partially, Donev commented. In settlements of about 50 persons or less neither the state nor the industry have any economic interest and possibility to open a pharmacy. However, there are some places where pharmacies could be opened on geographic and demographic principles, he added. The dispute of the amount that the Health Fund should pay for life-supporting generic medicines, which are cheaper, instead of the originals, is long-lasting, commented the owner of Sopharma. The dispute is about the issue that since some innovative therapies are extremely expensive, should this be co-financed by the generic manufacturers who are totally unconcerned.The balance should be found. What is sought is higher burden on generic medicines wherever possible. Donev proposed the German model as a solution, i.e. the state should launch a tender for a medicine according to the level of its consumption. Then the applicants ready to offer lower prices will be more. Thus the lowest offer will be chosen and the costs for the state will be lower respectively. Sopharma makes investments in Belarus as well. The company is building new production facilities in the town of Dron. The export of the pharmaceutical enterprise to third countries has not been affected, was Donev's comment on the sanctions to Russia and Iran. Nobody should commit genocide against its own people. We have transactions and we make deliveries to Iran. We are not under embargo. Medicines have never been subject to sanctions. Donev wished the Health Minister successful completion of the initiated health reform. According to the businessman, it should be performed by the doctors in particular. However, a balance should be found between the reasonable claims of the medical professionals and the use of the system for fund draining. http://www.bgonair.bg