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Optimal health, maximun vitality

You want to be healthier, but you don’t know where to start?

#Zdravi is a completely free mobile application, which gives you easy to follow and complete daily advices how to be in a better physical and mental health. Following our advice every day will help you broaden your knowledge about healthy eating, sports, meditation and how to feel better.

Life is good, when we are healthy!


If you worry that you will miss or forget the daily advice, you can use the Settings menu and activate to receive daily reminders. You can also choose the option for weekly reminders, so you can read all advices at once.

Good practices, such as how to tackle morning stress or to be charged with energy during the whole day, fast and untraditional cooking recipes, advice for the home, advices for optimists and pessimists, as well as ideas for better deeds and practices, will help you change your daily live towards a positive direction.

The content of this application is to educate, rather than give medical advice. In case you need a specific treatment or are worried for allergies and intolerances, please consults your doctor before taking any of the supplements or following the advices.

Optimal health, maximun vitality!