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Common Challenges

Our distribution model, a tale of innovation.

Dynamics, innovation, partnership and stability: these are the values and principles that are pushing every day Todor Nikolov to reach Sopharma Trading central warehouse in Sofia.

Sopharma Trading is the driving force of the Sopharma AD distribution across all channels, constantly growing and diversifying its methods and delivery areas, becoming the leader on the Bulgarian market.
The company offers one of the first highly robotised distribution processes, using an innovative supply-chain model, being the first Bulgarian distributor conforming to all parameters of Good Distribution Practice.

The fleet of over 130 vehicles gives the opportunity to deliver to more than 3,000 customers per day. Furthermore, the fully automated KNAPP warehouse management system, which offers minimum human intervention, has no match on the Balkans, by offering high-speed order processing and minimising errors in performance and deliveries.

Todor, as a director of regional warehouse and responsible for the distribution cycles in Sopharma Trading, shares in his daily activities the common challenges of his job with the other 65 colleagues ,. He says one of the key aspects of his job are:

“Providing daily access to medicines to the people who need them in the most effective, fast and affordable way is both crucial for Sopharma Group and highly motivating for my professional development. The challenges and objectives that the company has committed to for itself become mine. I have taken them as my own.”

My motto is “Nobody’s perfect, but the team can be.” 

The efficiency of the warehouse is ensured by an innovative technological process that it is based on “intelligent” shelves and high speed containers (6 m/sec) , on the ability to simultaneously process 300 containers per minute and to handle 30 000 orders per day. The result is that customer order processing is 7 times faster.

These good results further motivate the company to diversify their machines and automation systems and portfolio, ultimately pushing the Sopharma Trading organization to search for higher efficiency, sustainability and quality standards that have positive impacts on the customer service and on Todor Nikolov’s team.

Despite the machines that make the work process faster and efficient, the human touch makes the team so successful. Always organised, flowing communication between them, the employees have become a crucial part and the spinning wheel of the supply chain process in Sopharma Trading.