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How we care for Sopharmers

“I want to say that our success is due to the hard work of all employees and I would like to thank them”, Ognian Donev, CEO

We are nurturing a long-lasting relation with our employees, based on trust and loyalty and deeply rooted in our conviction of the importance of self-fulfillment to improve the company performances.

Work-life balance

There is no such thing as work and life. Life is one and work is just a part of it. And because people’s life matters we invest in the quality of their experience at work in order to make them feel safer, more relaxed and taken care of.

Kindergarten "Simba"

The kindergarten ensures greater ease and comfort for parents, and our employees' children go „to work” every morning with mama and papa. At present, the kindergarten is attended by 25 children and there is an outdoor playground for them to play on.

The library…

…became a favorite place for many of our colleagues and at present there are more than 100 regular readers. In addition to classics, one can find there the newest titles from the book market in our country. The interesting thing is that some of the books were given as a present by the employees themselves. The library has also a computer with Internet access, which the employees can also use.

Welfare & Wellness

The area for sport activities called "Healthy"

It was at the idea of its employees that Sopharma made a free fitness club that can be visited by anyone internaly. Yoga and folk dance classes are also being conducted in the territory of the company.

Recreation opportunities

Sopharma runs 4 holiday centers with preferential conditions for its employees.

There is no such thing as work and life. Life is one and work is just a part of it.


Free training courses and qualification improvement

Every manager is able to envisage annual training plan for his team based on the current needs and projects that they are engaged in.

Additional healthcare insurance

Тhere is a possibility for employees to visit medical specialists free of charge, if need be, as well as annual prophylactic examinations. The company provides „mobile rooms” to medical specialists.

We provide also free dental care for our employees at our own dentist's office.

Food vouchers and the catering establishment

Every employee receives a monthly voucher valid in many of the popular food and other sotres. Also, we maintain a catering establishment based on the canteen principle, where various meals, including observance of certain diets /Lent, vegetarian/, are offered.