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Science and Passion

Laboratories of the future

I started work at Sopharma AD in 2001 as a chemist in the Central Chemical Laboratory. I found myself in a team of professionals that helped me to quickly get into the essence of the work and learn how to apply the knowledge from the university in real work environment. During this period, the implementation of good manufacturing and laboratory practices (GMP, GLP) started and evolved over time, and along with that we evolved as professionals as well. Tradition and experience gained over the years were awarded, so that now we can have a modern laboratory meeting the international standards. In 2006 I was appointed Manager of the Chemical Laboratory. Then, in addition to being responsible for my work, I was also responsible for the work of the laboratory as a whole. A lot of motivation, desire and patience are required to work with so many people.

The Chemical Laboratory of Quality Control employs over 50 people and is responsible for the analysis of all incoming raw materials used in the manufacture of finished medicinal products (active substances, excipients, plant materials, primary and secondary packaging materials, etc.) All finished medicinal products manufactured in the plants of Sopharma (solid dosage forms, solutions for injections, lyophilic products, suppositories, unguents, creams, syrups, gels, etc.) are analysed in the laboratory as well.

Since 2009, the laboratory has been accredited and has maintained accreditation according to the Bulgarian State Standard (BDS) EN ISO/IEC17025:2006 and it also performs tests within its scope for external clients.

“Chemistry is a very interesting science. Something can surprise you every day and you can learn something new”.

In 2013, a dream came true – mine and of many colleagues who have worked or still work at Sopharma. We moved to a brand new building with state-of-the-art equipment and we took an active part in the construction of the laboratory.

Many young people start their professional carrier in the laboratory. Most of them start work with a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of knowledge, thus making you keep up with the latest trends and requirements. Our work is a team work and requires a lot of mutual trust. Beside high level of professional knowledge, many psychological skills are also required to succeed in winning the trust and respect of the people you work with. Diversity, everyday contact both with young and educated people and with people more experienced in the profession – this is the best part of my job.

In addition to the joy and satisfaction of the well-done work, we also have responsibilities.

Responsibility for people’s health, for presenting them with a quality, contemporary product that has gone through all necessary tests before reaching them and they know it and feel safe about their health and the health of their relatives.

And regarding the future of Sopharma AD? I hope Sopharma plants will go on operating with full capacity so that we have more and more markets and less stress and tension. My dream is our team to grow and evolve and we have more mechanisms to keep the staff we have trained.