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Growing communities

Building a local future.

The Vrabevo plant, built in the beautiful mountainous landscape in central Bulgaria, the Troyan Mountain, is called “the Bulgarian dream come true”. The large investments in the area and in the plan have benefited the region by providing high quality production standards and products, opportunities for young people. This has provided more than 350 people in the area with working places. It has become a symbol of the high levels of social responsibility adopted by Sopharma AD and embedded in the company business model.

The plant has a license by the Bulgarian National Drug Agency for production of solid forms, gels, syrups and unguents. The main medical product areas in Vrabevo are gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmology, and allergy, analgesics, antipyretic, psychopharmacological and chemotherapeutic. Apart from the high quality production, the plant is also very efficient in numbers, by reaching around 1 billion solid forms annually, 20 million syrups annually and 30 million unguents annually.


“If Sopharma Vrabevo wasn’t here these people would not be here, so the cities Lovech and Troyan would have less people”

The plant director Tsvetoslav Minkov, finds endless opportunities and benefits of the plant being strategically built there.

“If Sopharma Vrabevo wasn’t here these people would not be here, so the cities Lovech and Troyan would have less people”

But it is not just the plant that brings the people, Sopharma AD also has built a department store, drug store, renovated the local school, made a new playground for the kids, build a chapel and donated 2 guest houses. In fact, their aim for the future is to keep giving to the local community and building a prosperous future for them. Their goal is to build a new treatment plant and canalisation in the village, to further enrich local lives and how the high excellence Sopharma AD brings with their sustainability efforts every day. Mr. Minkov finishes with hopes for a bright future:

“I hope we keep developing. We have ideas for modernisation. In reality, I think we have become market leaders both domestically and internationally, so I hope we keep developing and become a bigger company. But thanks to Sopharma, Vrabevo will be here for the next generation as well. ”