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In an article dated February 4, 2012

20 luty 2012

In an article dated February 4, 2012 under the name “Sopharma of Bulgaria under EU investigation” the issue of New Europe claims that Sopharma is under investigation by the EU institution (name and function is not specified) onsite in Bulgaria in relation to managing to “to supply more than 70% of the medicines required by (state) hospitals and more than 50% of prescribed medicines”. We would like to draw attention to the fact that the claim of such investigation is completely unjustified and is not supported by any evidence. Moreover, no evidence is provided as per the percentages of sales market shares and the author does not clarify which periods were these market shares reached in. We would like to state that as of today Sopharma AD is not under investigation by any EU authority or institution in relation to the sales of medicines and the company has not realized sales with such market share on the Bulgarian market for the past year. In 2011 according to IMS Health data the company has 5.17% market share on the retail (pharmacy) market.