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Investment in the capital increase of Briz (Riga, Latvia)

3 Grudzień 2013

Sopharma AD (the “Company”) notifies that it has invested in the capital increase of its subsidiary Briz (Riga , Latvia ) in order to expand its presence on the markets of the three Baltic States and Belarus. The shares of Sopharma AD in the capital of the company after the increase reached 66.14% (previously 51%). The expansion of the presence on the market of the Republic of Belarus includes acquisition of a warehouse complex, implementation of an integrated information system as well as the acquisition of new pharmacies.

In 2013 Briz increased the total number of its pharmacies to 91 through the acquisition of three pharmacy chains in the Republic of Belarus. It also completed the acquisition of a company for wholesale of pharmaceutical products.

As a result of these activities the consolidated revenues of Briz since the beginning of 2013 have almost doubled compared to revenues for the same period of 2012 and amount to over 33 million EUR.