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Sopharma Develops its Social Programme

12 Lipiec 2013

The active socially oriented activity of Sopharma created the "We for the Society" Project that is distinguished for its sustainability and is developing following those in need of permanent care – pensioners. The new campaign under the Project is being carried out at two pensioners' clubs in Sofia, where health care for patients is provided with the aim of preventing cardiovascular and lung diseases so much common among that population group.

For more than two years, Sopharma AD has provided free measurement of the blood pressure, body weight, respiratory volume and СО content in exhaled air in many towns and cities in this country. The difference this time is the continuous care and monitoring of levels of those measurements in the population groups affected most – pensioners. It is a fact that hypertension (high blood pressure) is a precondition for the most common health problems in this country –one in four people suffers from high blood pressure and this affects mostly elderly patients. It is also clear that they need continuous blood pressure monitoring in order to maintain a normal way of life. Therefore, the help we are offering is to give people a lead toward assuming responsibility for their own health by having their blood pressure monitored daily and several times a day.

Everyone who is willing to be informed of their current blood pressure values, body weight and pulse, as well as the respiratory volume and СО content in lungs, may do this absolutely free every weekday between 13:00and 17:00o'clock at the two clubs operating under Sopharma's programmewith the approval of the Sofia Municipality. The two clubs are: Club of the Disabled and Pensioners at the Sofia Municipality, jk Lyulin 4, located at the corner near Block 427 and Club of Invalid Soldiers and Pensioners at Ilinden Municipality, located at the corner of Slivnitsa and Hristo Botev Blvds. Pensioners meet there, play cards, chess, backgammon, talk, but the first thing they do when coming is to have their blood pressure and pulse measured and to talk to the nurse. This gives us hope that our Company has its positive effect and helps for improvement of the health status of people.